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Time Split

Time Split Sci-fi short film Hitting his head on the reef, after a wipeout, Jez (TimeSplit writer/director Mark Abriel) wakes up to a jab in the neck from crazed future scientist, Dr. Frieden (surfer/shaper and Time Split co-director, Jim Banks). Dr. Frieden works closely with the beautiful but dangerous Selene (Suzanne Dervish-Ali) and the black guards of Sec Force, the oppressive controllers of this dystopian future, where everyone who is not implanted with their control microchip faces "decomissioning". Salvation lies in Greenlight, a Resistance movement set up by an ancient off world race, of which Dara, (Mel Ashby) is the only survivor. If Dara can cross the boundaries of time and space to reach Jez, the time traveling duo. utilizing an ancient artefact, the "invisibility shield" can work together to undermine the tyranny of Sec Force. and bring in a new era of peace and freedom.

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