Indo season kicks off

Autumn marks the start of the Indo season. Last weekend's solid swell in Bali set the tempo...

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Jason Childs
Morning gold and clean lines on Bali’s south Coast.
Morning gold
Morning gold and clean lines on Bali’s south Coast.
Jason Childs
Bali’s Eastcoast
Clean water and fun waves on Bali’s Eastcoast, far from the rubbish littered beaches of Kuta.
Jason Childs
Hungry surfers
Hungry surfers grovel in the lumpy rainy conditions at Balangan on the Bukit Peninsula.
Jason Childs
Damon Hayes
Rusty Australia’s Damon Hayes sneaks in a few clean tubes before the Rusty team riders arrived for a shoot in Bali.
Jason Childs
 Solid swell lines
Solid swell lines and westerly winds made for some great waves on the East side of Bali for surfers who got in the car and searched.
Jason Childs
Uncrowded line ups
Plenty of uncrowded line ups for the early birds.
Jason Childs
Wet season
Wet season rain and winds continue to hit Bali well into the annual start of the dry season.
Jason Childs
Fickle reefs
Fickle reefs came to life with the solid sw swell and wet season winds.
Jason Childs
Big boards and plenty of paddling
Big boards and plenty of paddling was part of the day as strong currents plagued the line up at Nusa Dua.
Jason Childs
Before the rain
Bali's Eastcoast point doing it’s thing I the morning before the rain turned the line ups filthy brown in the afternoon.
Jason Childs

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