South Coast WA Surf Forecasts



Coastal Wind Warning 1

Sea Surface Temperature - South Western Australia
South Western Australia
Nearest Surf Cams

North Bondi

6 - 8 ft - WNW winds @ 7 knots A few showers. 14.3°C, water 18°C


4 - 6 ft - WNW winds @ 7 knots A few showers. 14.3°C, water 18°C

Manly - Fairy Bower

3 - 5 ft - WNW winds @ 6 knots A few showers. °C, water 18°C

Forecasters Blog

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The 2020 La Niña continues to gather momentum: What will the surf be like this November and December?

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An impending East Coast Low looms large for the NSW coast next week.

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Tropical cyclone Gretel is about to form over the Coral Sea this weekend.

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