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22 Apr 2016 2 Share

Mike Jennings

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The raw power of a mullet, a tribal tattoo wetsuit, and a turn of Mikey Wright.

The raw power of a mullet, a tribal tattoo wetsuit, and a turn of Mikey Wright.

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was April 22, 2016

1. Seabass and Tyler Wright Took Margarets

The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro has been run and won and the Australian leg of the WSL CT is over. Pack it up guys. It's done. Finished. This is what it sounds like when doves cry. At the last event of the leg, Hawaiian Sebastian Zietz, who fell off the tour last year and was surfing in the event on an injury wildcard, beat Julian Wilson in the final to take the win and go to no.2 in the world. With the a bunch of injuries on the CT, and the retirement of Taj Burrow, it looks like he'll be given enough opportunities to qualify for the world tour on the world tour, without actually being on it... pretty sure that'd be the first time that's happened. Reports are that he gave his Margies victory three thumbs up!

On the ladies' side, Courtney Conlogue and Tyler Wright continued their domination of 2016 reaching their second shared final of the year. It was Courtney Conlogues third consecutive final, but Tyler won. It's her second event win of the year. As they leave Australia for Rio, Courtney Conlogue keeps the World no.1 golden jersey by a smidge, leading Tyler Wright by just 800 points. 

Weird observation: In three events, neither Carissa Moore or Stephanie Gilmore, the tour's only Word Champs, have made a final. WEIRD!

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2. Albee Layer Surfs Big Waves, Does Big Airs

"Al-beeee Layeeeeeer for youuuuu," (sung to the theme of the Friends theme by The Rembrandts). Classic Joke, Mike. Hey, it's another week, so of course we have another one of these absolutely ridiculous videos from one of those absolutely ridiculously talented Mauians. Albee Layer is a bad mother, outspoken on social media and a freak in the water. There's a lot of big things going on in this clip, and the talk has been all around the 540 attempts, but nothing beats that simple shifty he does at the 2.30 mark. 

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3. Surfer Wins The Pulitzer

This week, the world's most prestigious award for journalism was handed to a surfer for his memoir about surfing. William Finnegan's Barbarian Days. It's described as a literary road movie that sees the New Yorker writer detail his life chasing waves all over the world. Can you imagine that words about the Twin Towns RSL now features amongst the world's most respected literature. He also wrote for Tracks once! Just like Luke Kennedy and Col Bernasconi and Kirk Wilcox!

See: "Brian and I wanted to write an article for Tracks, a surf mag published in Sydney, Tracks was nothing like its glossy clean cut American cousins. It was a newsprint tabloid. Editorially it was rude, witty, agro..."

This begs the question, which is the greatest writing feat by a surfer? Who is the best surfer/writer? Is it Chris Carter, who wrote for Surfing Magazine for 13 years before creating TV super series, The X-Files (the longest running science fiction show in U.S. history)? Is it Agatha Christie, who the Guinness Book of Records lists as the best-selling novelist of all time (only outsold by Shakespeare and the Bible), and who was a keen surfer, surfing in South Africa and Hawaii. Or is it now B-Freezy here?

The book has been critically lauded by both the literary and surfing worlds since it was published in July last year. Nothing but positive reviews... except this guy. This guy and his hilarious angry/frustrated rant on the work.

Highlight: "I was just like, 'I can’t wait till he croaks,' and then I was like, 'well he wrote it, so he obviously doesn’t croak in the story dude…'" Brilliant.

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4. Paint It Black – Mikey Wright's Tribal Wettie

For Surfing World Magazine, Quiksilver got one of their wetsuits, Mikey Wright, and tattoo artist Brodie Jackson together for their take on the Paint It Black Series. Getting artists to put their paint on wetties. Check out the full series:

 Soli Bailey Artist: Billy Bain

 Matt Wilkinson Artist: Travis Edwards


Surfer: Dan Ross Artist: Jess Leitmanis


Surfer: Mikey Wright Artist: Brodie Jackson

5. Speaking of Mikey Wright

Here he is in West Aus with Matt Banting and Wigolly Dantas and Kanoa Igarashi and Leo Fioravanti and the rest of the Quiksilver team. Bummer is though, he injured himself, and his superstar rising 2016 has hit a speed bump. Ahhh mierde. Good clip though.

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6. And More Mikey (For JS)

Plus Parko, Julian Wilson, Ryan Callinan, Jeremy Flores and Dusty Payne are ripping here too, spruiking the Monsta 6 model surfboard "the best all round performer just got better"...  it also features a backing track by the worst band in the world (worse than Creed or Nickelback), Muse. The song's called Dead Inside, which is an apt title considering how their music makes you feel when you listen to it.

7. Volcom In Maui – Welcome To Water Ep 2

Here's an eight minute surf video that kills. It's Dusty Payne, Kelly Slater, and Mitch Coleborn (amongst others) at absolutely pumping Honolua Bay. You know, the dreamy right that decides the Women's World Champion every year? It's got a bit more juice in this clip, and damn it looks like a fun wave. I'd love to be out there, shoulder hopping and not getting any waves. That'd be the best.

8. Friedman Flyers

This is a nice short documentary on Californian turned Victorian surfboard shaper Steve Friedman. With around 45 years experience in shaping surfboards, it's more than a job. It's a life sentence. I joke, I joke, but what a legend.

9. 15-Year-Old Hawaiian Grom Charges

It seems like every second day Hurley releases a clip of a new grom on their roster that we've never heard of and who will probably end uo being the next Shane Dorian or something. This one is Barron Mamiya. Just 15, he seems like a good kid, and an absolute maniac in the Tahitian thunder. And what about the way he stands tall at Pipe proper? Love the way the music builds under this edit.

10. Surfing Babies

Who doesn't love cheesy dorky crap like digitally edited babies ripping some fun beach breaks? For Evian, the French bottled water company, the campaign also features a VR game/app made in collaboration with Quiksilver. But this clip... don't you feel like it could be the opening sequence of the greatest surf/psychological thriller/slasher/horror film ever? Just me? Okay.

Bonus... Subway Surf Series

The ninth event of the Subway Surf Series was held at Port Kembla, NSW earlier this month. Macy Callaghan won her fourth event of the series, and Ethan Ewing didn't win for the first time since forever (Harley Ross Webster from Curl Curl did), but Ewing did claim the series win, making him the WSL Australasian Junior Champion. Comp machine that kid is. The next and final event of the series will go down at Cronulla on the weekend of April 30.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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