Rafting Ridiculous 25-Footers, Beau Foster Is Like A One-Man 2019 Version of Litmus, and Wild Shorebreak Slabs!

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was January 25, 2019

1. Watch Beau Foster Be Good At Surfing

A clip out of left field this week starring Beau Foster put together by the main man Josh Simpson (Mr. Surf Cassette himself) for a smaller American boardies company. It’s good. Beau Foster is a surfer all of his own, but if he was’t all of his own, I’d suggest he was created by mad scientists Andrew Kidman and Derek Hynd in a special laboratory constructed to make their ideal modern young surfer. Litmus in 2019, starring Beauy Beau Beau. That's just a thought though, could be way off. Probably is.

2. Koa Rothman Released A Full Movie

Koa Rothman and his web series mini crew This Is Livin released a movie this week, a 29 minute surf video with the super crazy title, This Is Livin’ The Movie. Considering this guy releases a near 15 minute clip once a week, you might be wondering how this is any different to just two back to back episodes of the series? That’s a fair wondering, the answer is that it’s a best of, surf footage heavy, edit from the past 6 months travelling the globe scoring surf. There’s some good stuff in there. Can you imagine how much content Koa’s gonna have to his name in another couple years? A million hours of content. A million! He'll be a content millionaire!

3. If You Like Your Surf Movies Weird

If you like your surf movies weird, well you are in luck, cause Robots From Space Episode 1 is as good as weird gets. Or as weird as good gets. It’s an offbeat, Cali-centric thing that jumps around the logging scene with random lifestyle bits that make it feel a little like the surf videos of old. Cool to see Al Knost back on the longer craft, too.

4. Sean Mawson's Welcome To Zion Clip

Zion wetsuits have added south Coast NSW shredder to their team and they have put it better than anyone with the description to this video: "With a kneel dad and drag mum, Sean Mawson completes the ancestral shred pyramid and fulfils the Z strictly lords prophecy. Welcome to the team!"

"Ancestral shred pyramid" is the best phrase written in surfing in 2019. Don't @ me.

5. Dragon's Mental Team Trip

Dragon recently had a little surf trip on the east coast of Aus where, like most team trips, they pulled their surfers together for some shred, but they also used the opportunity to workshop and talk mental health. Centrally, the idea that we need to destroy any stigma there is around asking for help when we feel we might need it. An important idea for a surfing community that too often buries our feelings under a rug of bravado.

And out of it has born their hashtag and message #DontHideBehindYourShades.

Give the clip a watch to see the likes of Owen Wright, Ace Buchan, Barney Miller, Kehu Butler, Caleb Tancreid, Xavier Huxtable and Noa Stocca do some serious shredding, and also talk about the importance of giving themselves the permission and power to speak out if they’re feeling shit, or listening to better recognise mental health issues in those around them.

6. The next part in the weird waves series includes Gerry Lopez

I nominate Dylan Graves as my new favourite person in the surf world. Can you imagine this show hosted by anyone else? No matter who you put in it, it gets worse. He's the best. He's the Terry Crews of the world of surfing (in that nothing would not be improved with his inclusion). This one takes up to Oregon to go river surfing with Mr. Pipeline and his son Mr. Pipeline Junior. Yes!

7. The Coffin Brothers Have A New YouTube Series

Are you even a professional surfer in 2019 if you're not pumping out fresh, original content on your own YouTube channel? Conner Coffin and his little brother Parker have come to the Vlog party with Your Weekly Tube. This episode shows us their time in Hawaii, bringing some power to Haleiwa and wearing boardshorts below jeans. At the end of the episode they bump into Kelly Slater and Peter King, the latter filming his own web series. They end up having a web series super fight to the death and everyone dies. Except for Kelly, of course. Kelly lives forever! But yeah, pretty wild and unexpected scene there in the car park, hey.

8. Are We Ready For The Volcom Pipe Pro?

Oh shit. The best non-CT event of the year begins January 29, which is in just *checks calendar, grabs calculator, does calculations* like a week or something. Maybe less. Are you pumped? Only five surfers have ever won the event, who do you think is going to win it this year? Do you think Kelly Slater will win? Cool!

9. Jamie O'Brien Rafts Huge Waves

Again, the OG YouTube surf blog guy slash Jackass for the surfing world, Jamie O’Brien brings the most viral-ish content of the week by rafting some stupidly large waves, and almost drowning apparently.  The session starts at the 10.20 mark.

10. Ten Minutes of Cali Shorebreak Slabs

Excuse me for a second, I have to go start my online petition for all future surf videos to have this camera guy intermittently commenting things like, “Woah!” And, “Oh wow!” And, “Auuugggghhh!” And, “High tide!” And, “What?!” And, “People are happy!” And, “Aaaah, smokified!” And, of course, my all time favourite, “Shorebreak yourself!” He’s the best. 100% the best there ever was!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good/long weekend everyone!

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