Noa Deane's New Clip Is Dead-Set Mind-Blowing, More Nias, and the KS Wave Pool's New Air Section Gets Tested

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was August 3, 2018

1. Noa Deane Just Took Top Spot For The Surf Clip of the Year With Head Noise

Not only does this clearly leap to the front of the pack as the best surf clip of the year, it begs the question: "Is this the best digital surf clip of all time? Or am I just hyped up in the inital aftermath of watching it?" It's certainly up there, alongside a bunch of previous released clips by Noa and filmmaker/collaborator Mikey Mallalieu. Waking up, and watching this before a coffee through sleepy eyes, I screamed, "WHAT!" at my computer screen at the air he does at 0.52 (I've never seen anyone do that without the assistance of their hands?!). But the "WHAT" I screamed at my screen in response to the closer – the ridiculous ankle breaking alley-oop he lands at North Point – was even louder, and I fear I might have woken up some of my neighbours. And everything in between those two clips is A-grade.

What's most significant about this clip is that for the past couple of years there's been a relevant argument about how the best surfing is being done on the Championship Tour, that the likes of Gabriel Medina, John John Florence, Filipe Toledo and Julian Wilson have been landing manouevres and putting together combos in heat jerseys that are better than anything we've seen a freesurfer drop in an edit – that alongside Instagram has, for the last little while, made the freesurfer edit drop largely redundant, particularly as Mikey Wright pursues the CT life.

But Noa Deane's Head Noise takes back signifcant real estate for the relevance of the freesurfer in 2018. Fifteen minutes is a long time on the Internet, but this clip flies past with the pace of a country train racing a kid on a BMX. And as soon as it finishes you want to click play and ride it all over again. How many clips on the Internet – of any variety – longer than a minute, make you want to do that in 2018? The answer, today, is one. Noa Deane and Mikey Mallalieu's Head Noise. Bravo!

2. Here's A Little More Nias, Koa's Part 2

Koa Rothman's excellent This Is Livin' web series which vlogs his surf adventures alongside Nate Florence, Billy Kemper, Koa Smith et al, takes us to main-event part of their Nias stay here, when Nias went cataclysmic. We're not sick of Nias yet, are we? No way.

3. Padang Padang Too

And to balance out the incredible Indonesian rights, it's only right we dump this clip of perfect Indonesian lefts, Padang Padang,here too. Featuring Mason Ho, Chris Ward, Matt Wilkinson, Jack Robbo and more.

4. Red Bull Cape Fear Is Going To Shippies

Red Bull Cape Fear is probably the most bonkers thing in surfing. It's as if the people at Red Bull, buzzing on their own product, had an ideas meeting and said, "Hey everybody, what if we took the most dangerous surf spot we can find, you know, Cape Solander, the wave that's basically the ocean equivalent of Kimbo Slice pulverising random dudes in backyard bareknuckle boxing, and ran a competition there? But, wait for it, we'll only run it when it's at its wildest and most dangerous. AAAAAND, wait for it, we'll also have both jet-ski tow ins, and paddle surfers out there, at the same time! Cool?"

Like I said, bonkers!

And this week they've come out and announced that it's on again, only now it's at Shipstern Bluff, an isolated terrifying mega-slab with a flight of stairs built into the face if it.


Oh, and also, alongside traditional insane big wave surfing hell men, three time World Champion Mick Fanning will be competing.

It is absolutely insanse and also possibly the best thing that's ever happened in the history of everything. I'm here for all of it! (Except for surfing in it, obviously. F that.)

5. Quiksilver Young Guns Final at the Ranch

Quiksilver's Young Guns comp is a fun time. And it features the likes of Sammy Pupo, so that's cool. And this year they held the final at the Surf Ranch, which prompted Quiksilver to lean hard into the ranch side of things and produce this edit with a full cowboy western theme. The video is also interesting for the fact it features the newly installed air section of Kelly Slater's wave pool, which I'm assuming will be a big part of the CT that goes down at the man-made spot later this year.

The second most interesting part is watching Kanoa Igarashi and Leo Fioravanti deliver their introduction at the 40 second mark in one go, and wondering how many takes it took them to get one they could use in the edit. Has to be over ten, right?

6. Griff Colapinto, Tyler Warren and Creed have a California Time

When I compile, for This Week In Surfing, all the things that hit surfing's internet over the week for, I open a little RTF doc where I put links and a little line to remember what they are is by. This one was called "Creed Billabong Clip" in the doc. Because that's what it is. It's a clip that features Creed McTaggart, which is always going to be worth watching. (He's really good.) It was made by Billabong, which means it will likely be a part of an ongoing sereies that is good. (It is. it's called Life's Better in Boardshorts, Chapter 5.) And it's a clip. Which means it is a clip. The problem with the line in the doc is that it doesn't mention that it's all Californian sunshine in fun waves and also stars Griffin Colapinto (who does the best surfing in the clip), Tyler Warren and Shaun Manners. It's not a very good system.

7. Taj Burrow and Jake Wilcox Get Tubed Like Crazy Out West

Seeing Taj score pumping waves around his home, with a host of talented locals, is always so good. It's kind of like a whole bunch of the best stuff from the 1998 classic Sabotaj, only 20 years later. How do we get Taj to make a reboot of that movie? It's something that should happen. This clip also features David Delroy Carr, Jerome Forrest, a guy named Voltaire Sora, great name, and Jack Challis (who packs a bomb!).

8. It's a Start, Filipe at Teahupo'o

"Tahiti is on (fire emoji) much love and respect for this wave" wrote Filipe with this Instagram post. People who don't love Filipe, love to hang shit on the freakishly talented Brazillian for not excelling in waves that are scary. And perhaps it's fair enough. And perhaps he's been listening because, as his Instagram shows, he's gone to Tahiti early and gotten some practice in some heavier stuff. Considering how quickly Filipe's rail game improved in mid-sized waves over the last few years when he was pegged as just a small wave air guy, seeing Filipe finally start surfing heavier reefs should terrify all the other World Title contenders on tour.

A post shared by Filipe Toledo (@filipetoledo) on

9. Ari Browne's Portal Board Clip Is Mental and Amazing

How good's surfing?! One moment you're being blown out by the grungy freesurfing of Noa Deane, the next you're watching the Hawaii's next gen surfing Indonesia's swell of the decade, to there you go check out Filipe's World Title race preperations, and then, THEN you come to something like this: The twisted, wacked out, amazing world of Ari Browne surfing finless in Morocco after getting there by way of a mystical portal he had built into his board. Dropping voiceover gold like this along the way: "On the way to our next surf spot, we ran into a bunch of goats. And boy did they like climbing trees." Surfing is the best. All of it. ALL OF IT!

10. Misfit Shapes Has a New Series

Otis Carey, Asher Wales, Jake Vincent, Jaleesa Vincent and George Henderson star in a new series by their surfboard sponsor, Misfit. It's called Lives, and episode 1 comes from the North Coast. Jaleesa Vincent is a star. If you could buy stock in surfers, she's one I'd be investing a whole bunch of my money in. Then, after a couple years, I'd cash out that stock and buy a boat and live on it. It'd be one of those boats that also has other smaller boats inside it. You know, those big awesome ones that Russian millionaires live on. And while I was living on my boat, I'd look at all the other people whose boats aren't as awesome as mine, because they weren't as smart as me, and I'd laugh. Boy would I laugh. "Ha ha ha ha!" Just like that. Unfortunately you can't buy stock in surfers, and I don't have any money to invest in anything anyay. So... here we are. Watching surf clips on the Internet.

11. O'Neill's THE O'RIGINALS

A fresh little concept out of O’Neill is this here THE O’RIGINALS series, which will be three mini-docos on young surfers doing things their own way, examining the influence surfing has had on their lives. The three O’RIGINALS are gardener Lachie Rombouts, who grew up a two hour bus ride from the ocean but can charge his new local when it gets generation-defining swells with the best of them, design student Dan Johnson, who built a shaping bay under his mum’s house and has started hacking away at his own original designs, and artist Billy Bain, who’s moved to the gritty city streets to pursue his dreams of being an artist, stoked out to hit overcrowded weekend slop whenever he can.

The first short comes out next week.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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